Kalibrate Skin + Beauty in Austin

With all that history officially lined out in my website, I can tell you that Skin + Beauty is very personal to me. So I take great pride in offering the best quality, customized treatments for my clients, in a professional but relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I want you to leave here feeling that you are the best YOU possible; and if that happens, I know that I've done my job, to provide the highest level of care and improvement possible.

If we are lucky, we will age...and hopefully, age gracefully. My goal as an aesthetician is to help you uncover your own natural beauty, in the healthiest way possible, so that you DO age with grace. I work to balance your skin to reveal brilliance, and carefully enhance your unique features so that you radiate confidence because you feel beautiful. Every one of us is so uniquely different, which means we each need a treatment tailored to our individual needs. I customize every service so that YOU are getting the best care for YOU.

I love what I do; and I love meeting each and every one of you. My commitment is to you, and to run my business with the utmost integrity. You'll immediately feel at ease, and the initial appointment will help us map out a Skin + Beauty plan, which helps you achieve the results you desire. 

I invite you to come and see me and let me Kalibrate your Skin + Beauty.  :)

Forever with Gratitude,

Kali Rambo
Aesthetician + Eyelash Extension Stylist

I received my first facial when I was 12 because my mother is amazing. She always took great pride in caring for her skin, and encouraged that in us (I'm the middle child of three girls. Yes, the ones pictured above; and yes, we are sitting in order of age.). So for my 12th birthday, she gifted me a facial with one of the best European aestheticians in town, Marisa Hernandez of Sana Skin/Sanacea - who years later trained me when I was 18 years old. Marisa, her accent, and her intense Spanish passion for healthy skin enraptured me. I became so intrigued with skin and especially extractions; and that intrigue sparked a giant interest in aesthetics. For the next six years I followed my mother to each and every appointment she had with Marisa so I could watch every detail of her service. In my heart, I dreamed of becoming an Aesthetician just like Marisa. 

Well, that dream of becoming an Aesthetician, turned into a dream of becoming a plastic surgeon. I wanted to create real change for people, and only do reconstructive facial surgeries for people who had been involved in traumatic accidents. So I took the toughest classes in high school and got accepted into the UT Austin Natural Sciences School so that I could go Pre-Med and become a Plastic Surgeon. As often happens, Life had a different path for me. I suffered a traumatic fall down a flight of stairs at age 18, which altered my health, my skin, and ultimately my career path. Not only did the accident disrupt my sleep, immune system, mental focus; it also created terribly painful cystic acne, which I spent years trying to treat. I literally tried everything from dermatologist prescribed topicals, to super expensive professional products, to drugstore brands, to natural organic concoctions. Nothing really worked.

I was so ashamed and embarrassed of my face and skin. I didn't want to stand in the sunlight, for fear that it would highlight all the horrible cysts, redness, and irritation. I hated the way make-up looked on my skin, but I hated going without it even more. Having experienced such amazing, quality care from Marisa (who moved to Marfa, TX when I was 19, sadly), I looked for an Aesthetician in Austin who could provide the same kind of treatment and service. Unfortunately, what I found were salons and spas which offered the exact same treatment protocols to anyone who walked in their door. Nothing was customized; and subsequently, nothing helped my skin. In fact, most of the time, the treatments made my skin worse. It was a long, and frustrating road. Until one day, 10 years later, I was referred to an Aesthetician, who changed my skin, encouraged me to follow my original passion of becoming an Aesthetician, and trained me in her extraction technique. I will forever be grateful to her.

After completing my education with Avenue Five Institute in Austin, Texas, I began an apprenticeship under Rubby Aldridge, of Rubby Aesthetics International. Rubby is a veteran in the Aesthetics fields and catapulted me 10 years ahead of my time; and was a great example of the professionalism that has been missing from this field for a long time. Without such dedicated, educated, and passionate teachers as Marisa Hernandez and Rubby Aldridge, I would not be where I am today... opening up my own Skin + Beauty business, Kalibrate Skin + Beauty, at Lush Life Salon.

Meet Our Aesthetician

You are probably asking yourself how I am different from all the other aestheticians, salons + spas in Austin. The truth is, many of us are similar in that we have a passion and love for what we do, and a deep desire to help others feel beautiful. It is a blessing and honor to give to my clients from my heart, in the best way I know how, every single day. The trust established between us is invaluable; and I strive to connect with each of my clients so that I can fully meet their needs and expectations. I know how important this relationship is and will always encourage my clients to find the Aesthetician with whom they feel the most comfortable.

My story is a little long so if you don't want to read it, skip down to the last couple of paragraphs. :)